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Now more than ever, it is so important that we take an approach towards mental health that includes racial based trauma. 

Racial trauma is a huge global crisis. People are experiencing it everyday on social media, in the workplace, in their own home, from previous racist events, and more...

This is why we are here to help you take back your destiny and break the trauma off of your neural pathways, so that you can be who you were made to be.  

This Race Based Traumatic Stress Course is not only self guided, which means you won't have to be in a group or be afraid of what anybody thinks about your situation, but it will also empower you at your own pace alongside mental health experts. 

You will gain insights into racial trauma and race based traumatic stress from diverse perspectives

We are here to tell you today that we are tackling stigmas by learning from race and mental health experts.

Affordable, Accessible & Private

This is not an after thought topic!

You may have never had anyone tell you that incident happened because of the colour of your skin.

Let' s cut to the chase
The symptoms of race based trauma cause PTSD, as well as depression and anxiety.

You Deserve Freedom

Tired of hearing about mental health from people who don't look like you or who haven't experienced what you have experienced?

Racial trauma or the ongoing result of racism, racial bias, and exposure to racist abuse can be affecting every aspect of your life, including your ability to have relationships, concentrate at school, feel like your safe, let people in and be who you were meant to be.

That's why Mind Hub has created this bespoke course which gives valuable insights into race and identity to help unpack Race Based Traumatic Stress acknowledging racial trauma actually exists. 

PTSD, as well as depression and anxiety are common symptoms of people who have experienced racial trauma. Chronic exposure to discrimination even in the media can be humiliating, frightening. It is not only effecting you personally it's effecting the way you think and is socially isolating.
Here Is The Secret:

you Are Not Alone

Mind Hub is on a mission to help diverse minds transform from the inside out & be who you really want to be
Discover how to master your inner game...

Mind Hub's Founder Marteka Swaby 
Who Speaks Powerfully On This Topic

I am a Psychotherapist passionate about human connection. I love mental health and have over 15 years experience improving emotional wellbeing. I am currently working with 15 amazing women who are committed to getting their life back and I am seeing that racial trauma is a very serious trauma. It's not an after thought!
One to one therapy can be amazing, but online working in the privacy of your own home in a self-paced way can change your life and is accessible for everyone.
"You all need Marteka. If you are looking for a dynamic relationship with accountability online she is straight talking, funny and will challenge your thinking."   - Lenka Cinculova

AS SEEN IN.......
Follow what you REALLY want  
NOT what everyone says you should want!

WHAT this programme WILL OFFER YOU

A Comprehensive Self-guided Experience Curated By Mental Health Experts

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race based traumatic stress Explained

 Module 1: Racial Trauma

Explore the symptoms of race based trauma that cause PTSD, depression and anxiety in the privacy of your own home. Exploring ways to address the traumatic consequences that racism and discrimination bring towards uncovering how racial trauma impacts your mental wellbeing.
learn how to PiCK your battles IN THE WORKPLACE

 Module 2: Microaggressions 

Even if you don't feel ready to have these conversations at work. No matter how “Micro” the aggression or subtle this racial discrimination is. Identifying your triggers and ways not to ignore them will minimise the impact of you trauma and help you to get support from others who will  speak up on your behalf.
Recover Your  IDENTITY

 Module 3: Keeping The Labels?

Identity is a vital and core part to success and without it you will find yourself repeating unhelpful or toxic relationship patterns that will sabotage and often rob you of your success. Our action workbook will empower you to understand what identity means to you, helping you to drop any unnecessary labels that sabotage your success? 
Recognise your power & fight stigmas

 BONUS CONTENT: Access To The Diverse Minds Summit

We have included our Top Talks From The Diverse Minds Summit which explore niche Mental Health topics delivered by race & mental health experts to increase awareness for both individuals and communities on mental health & diversity during mental health awareness week.

Increase Connection

This programme will guide you on a journey of self-discovery which is completely tailored and personal.
Take pride in your identity

Transform your perspective 

Acknowledge the impact of racial trauma on your mental health that is so often overlooked! 

Develop a new mindset

Success begins in the mind. It's time to recognise the power that you have!


I recently attended a online session hosted by Marteka on Diverse Minds and it was brilliant. She is so humble which makes her a great host. She doesn't shy away from speaking her mind and is indeed an amazing coach.  All I would say if you got a chance to work with her, meet her, talk to her or try out her programme , just grab it. Her program is indeed a worthy investment.

- Eva Misra

Ready to disrupt what is on repeat in your mind?


Grab this discreet mini-course to start the inner-work today!
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